RECIQU (reduce the cost, increase the quality) is our management and control service that ensures cost reductions in a remarkable way by maintaining and/or improving the product quality during the trace of the development of the construction work in order to guarantee its completion.

It is performed in three phases: study, improvement and tracking.

It focuses on five aspects:

-Detection of errors of the projects before the bidding process.

-Improvement of the project before the bidding process.

-Effective bidding through the system “offer and compare”.

-Anticipation and management of additionals during construction work and technical and implementation control.

-Improvement of the management, implementation of the construction work and the documents for the clients.

This service is not intended to replace or eliminate any of the actors of the project design or construction management but a complement that uses advanced techniques of control and risk management.

With a proper RECIQU, it is possible to get significant economic savings in investment and future operations.


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