Schematic Design and Design Development

A Schematic Design is the construction solution of the design of a building, graphically represented in 2D or 3D. It is a set of detailed drawings and material specifications as well as the construction technics for its proper implementation.

The Design Development is the key to ensure an accurate implementation of the construction and it is necessary to obtain the licenses and permits to carry out its implementation.

The Schematic Design is less detailed and it is used to ask for the construction permits to the administrations.

In Zazar we design the buildings, installations and structures. Since we have a multidisciplinary team to develop our projects from the beginning to the end, we can accompany and provide technical support to our clients in all the stages, from the first choice of materials until the selection of the right construction solution.

We have a creative design team that can show the completed project before it has been implemented. Moreover, we also have our own technicians specialized in complex subjects such as security, automation and domotics, audio, sustainability, etc.

We carry out the following tasks:

- Definition of needs.

- Management with the administrations.

- Implementation of specific analysis and calculations.

- Drafting and creation of detailed construction plans.

- Rendering and infographics, 3D images and virtual tours to enable the customer to see his/her project come true before it is built.

- Development of specific reports.

- Preparation of techincal and administrative specifications.

- Preparations of measurements.


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