zazar arquitectura

ZAZAR Arquitectura SLP is an architecture office founded to provide a complete experience in the construction sector throughout a wide range of programmes and services which adapt to the needs of each client in order to offer a full management of all the process, from project design to construction implementation. In order to make it possible we work together with different construction companies that allows us to have a quick and constant communication between the office and the construction site, so we can optimize the management and the resources and thus, expedite the implementation deadlines and, definitely, provide a better service to our clients.

In ZAZAR there are architects and building engineers and we can carry out your project ideas in a developed detail design project, from the most technician layouts to the most real infographic views to implement the architecture project. Moreover, we have a wide experience working not only with individuals but also with companies and public institutions. We all have vast experience in big companies in the industry, so we can fulfill the functional requirements from a point of view not only architectural but also of quality, efficiency, innovation and safety.

In ZAZAR we design and construction management in mind the needs of the client, the sustainability, the resources management and the economic costs.

We look forward to meet you!

The ZAZAR Arquitectura team.


3AE Architecture Engineering

Jordi Llongueras - Arquitecte
Eduard Fenoy - Arquitecte
Francesc Serra - Enginyer

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