Project Management


One multidisciplinary team advises you throughout the construction process: we accompany our clients from the first visit to a plot, we design the project to get all the permits required and finally, we also take care about the construction.

We do all kind of things related to the world of architecture and construction in order to solve the needs of our clients:

- Project and site management:

a. Planning

b. Project documentation (legal tenders/recruitments).

c. Preliminary project / Pre-measuring.

d. Licenses and permits management.

e. Implementation project. Technical-economical management.

f. Budget control.

g. Quality control.

- Financial evaluation (project costs, financial costs, financing funds,…).

- Real estate market analysis.

- Definition of real estate products.

- Feasibility study of property developments.

- Real estate legality.

- Promotion and management of land to build.

- Quality control.


We also work with issues related to creative design, luxury spaces design, retail, audits and energy performance certificates.

- Prescriptions support in architectural and engineering projects.

- Construction management, health and safety coordination.

- Structural analysis.

- Audits and expertises of projects and implemented works. Reports, certificates, rulings, expertises, inspections,...

- Support for the development of new technologies and products.

- Technical support for projects: measurements, reports, health and safety survey, specifications, budgets, competitions,...

- Surveying.

- Construction implementation and management.

- Legalizations of any kind of installations subjected to specific or safety regulations for industries, public buildings, comercial, services and housing.

- Drafting services.

- Infographics and rendering.

- Value engineering and RECIQU (Reduce the Cost, Increase the Quality).

- Urban planning development.


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